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car tires

Robbers target car tyres in Westrand Area

Last week alone Fidelity ADT reported eight incidents in which car tyres were stolen in the Westrand, specifically in Krugersdorp, Rant en Dal, and Noordheuwel.
Fanie Loots, Fidelity ADT Branch Manager, says many of these incidents happened during the night. “The suspects are literally removing the tyres and leaving your car on bricks. If your car is parked on the side of the road overnight, they will take your tyres. This crime is also opportunistic, if they are able to gain access into your property they will, and take your tyres,” he explains.
“We urge all home owners to consider installing outdoor detection devices and perimeter security to reduce the chances of criminals reaching your property and gaining access.
Loots says outdoor detection beams can be strategically placed around your property, which will trigger the alarm before a criminal has the chance to get to your vehicle.

Loots adds the following other perimeter security tips worth taking note of:

• Gates – make sure that your gate opens and closes as quickly as possible. Also, ensure that the motor has a locked box covering it to stop any attempts at tampering
• Bushes and trees – make sure that bushes and trees on your property are checked regularly to ensure they are not affecting your perimeter security. Branches should be cut back to prevent blocking or impeding the effective functioning of your perimeter security, or where they may be used to climb into and access your property
• Beams – make sure that beams are installed correctly and at the most optimal angle to increase their range and effectiveness. It is also important to make sure that these beams are not obscured by shrubbery, or near reflective surfaces to prevent excessive false alarm activations
• Servicing your entire security system – It is very important that you have your security system serviced on a regular basis. Fidelity ADT recommends that you have your alarm serviced at least once a year, and that you test your security system at least once a month

“Where possible park your car in an area where gate can be locked. Please take a walk around your property and look for possible access points to your property and roof. If you suspect there are vulnerable areas, call in a security expert to help you find solutions,” he concludes.