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Fidelity special response unit

New innovations in bomb protection and cash acceptance devices

The increase in retail bombing, grinding, and impact attacks on Cash Acceptance Devices (CAD) in the retail sector have prompted a relook at the technology required to protect both staff and assets.

Gawie Du Preez, Executive: Fidelity CashMaster at Fidelity Services Group, says Fidelity CashMaster is one of the larger players when it comes to cash acceptance devices and cash management solutions with over 5500 devices installed countrywide.

With state-of-the-art technology Fidelity CashMaster solutions offers businesses a customized end-to-end cash management solution. The company provides a range of products from small under-counter devices to large-scale devices for small medium and large businesses. “We also offer financial management software and productivity-enhancing processes and procedures to improve business throughput,” says Du Preez. Together with Fidelity’s integrated Cash-in-Transit and cash processing services, it provides customers with a full turnkey solution allowing them to manage their cash from their property through the cash value chain.

Du Preez says unfortunately, bombings are a reality that every device manufacturer needs to contend with, particularly with the lack of control over access to explosives. 2020 started the year with one Cash in Transit incident virtually every day. This trend affects all canister safe manufacturers equally,” he says. Syndicates have become increasingly sophisticated requiring ongoing updates in technology innovation.

“Fortunately, additional measures have been introduced, such as ensuring all safes have concrete inside and are steel-plated, has served as a deterrent to criminals. As an added layer of protection, bag security features have been introduced which completely disable access to the money in the device and this has deterred criminals looking for quick gains. The problem, however, remains that, even if the money is destroyed, the damage to the client’s premises can be extensive resulting in loss of business.”

Fidelity recently launched their Matrix devices which boast modern touch screens and user-friendly interfaces.  More importantly, the security and safety of users were considered during the design phase. “As an example, the device has a unique rotary ‘rat trap’ which allows for two cash bags to be fitted.  This limits the risk to Cash in Transit crews when moving bags to a cash truck. The devices also underwent extensive explosive testing at the facilities of the CSIR,” says Du Preez.

Another innovation is the design of a bomb-resistant safe for Fidelity’s Cameo range which can stay intact even after an explosion. “It releases an explosive force,” explains Du Preez, “but keeps the safe structure intact and keeps the money safe.”

Then more recently we introduced the CashMaster Cube “This is ideal for deployment in any logistics or delivery vehicle as well as offering a secure cash solution for the smaller retailer as a Manual Drop Safe,” says Du Preez.

This unique product offers SARB and SABS approved new generation liquid dye stain, the most successful deterrent to any criminal attack in the market.  Du Preez says it sends a message to criminals that there is no point trying to steal cash protected by dye staining systems because they will be unable to use the cash after a theft or robbery occurred.

The small device is designed to fit into most delivery vehicles bolted down behind the seat of the driver and is ideal for smaller retails.

“We understand that exposure to violent armed robbery increases proportionately to the amount of cash either in tills or back offices and appreciate that some sectors are more vulnerable than others. As the syndicates evolve, so too is there a necessity for our Research and Development teams to work on new solutions that will revolutionize our fight against crime/bombings/grindings and we are delighted to have numerous new offerings,” concludes Du Preez.