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Goodwood ‘trespasser’ arrested

Police have arrested a suspect in Goodwood, following an alleged incident of trespassing recently.

“We responded to a call for help from a customer on Dingle Road (at around 19h29 on 29 April 2022) and sent one of our armed response officers to investigate,” explains Mr Jade Hanning, Western Cape General Manager for Fidelity ADT. The customer explained that he had seen an unknown person inside his house.

“When our officer arrived at the address, he noticed a broken window and saw the alleged suspect inside the building. The suspect was ordered to come outside where he was apprehended,” says Hanning.

The suspect’s presumed getaway vehicle was parked outside the property. Hanning says the suspect was arrested by Goodwood SAPS, and the vehicle was impounded.

“Please make contact with your armed response company or the SAPS immediately if you see any suspicious activity on your property so that we can come to your assistance as soon as possible,” says Hanning. He recommends keeping all emergency law enforcement and other numbers pre-programmed on your phone.