Fidelity Foundation NPC


Registered in 2014, the Fidelity Foundation is a Section 18 A SARS approved PBO. The aim of the Fidelity Foundation is to reach out to the communities in which Fidelity Services Group operates and make a meaningful contribution. The Foundation is part of Fidelity Services Group CSI strategy.

Pillars of Fidelity Foundation NPC

  • Quality Education for the benefit of the youth.
  • Gender Equality with focus to previously disadvantaged women (Skills Development and sustainable projects empowering women).
  • Poverty alleviation with focus to historically disadvantaged individuals including children and people living with disabilities.
The Foundation Pillars are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and National Development Plan 2030.

Beneficiaries of the Fidelity Foundation NPC

  • Love Trust (Nokuphila School)
    Quality Education and poverty Alleviation.

    Project focus – Teacher training for Early Childhood Development.

    This project covers both quality education and poverty alleviation projects, since it empowers Historically Disadvantaged Individuals, which in this case is women. It also looks at quality education for Early Childhood Development, which plays as a foundation for the growth of the young nation.

    The Love Trust is based in Tembisa.

  • Oliver’s House

    Quality Education and Poverty Alleviation.

    Project focus – Improving Math and Science for Matriculants.

    This project is focused on quality education ensuring or assisting the youth to be able to get better marks for their enrollment at tertiary institutions. When one comes to think of the education system in township and the levels of high school dropouts, this project is trying to bridge that gap.

    Oliver’s House known as Oliver’s Village is based at Putfontein in Benoni.

  • Bethany House Trust

    Quality Education / Poverty Alleviation.

    Project focus – housing and assisting vulnerable children with shelter and education.

    This project houses over 50 vulnerable children and assists them with education. Abandoned and displaced kids are housed, given hope and family life.

    Bethany House is based in Krugersdorp.

  • Pioneer School

    Quality Education and Poverty Alleviation.

    Project focus- education for the kids that are visually impaired.

    Pioneer School assists kids with education and to regain their independence by providing them with skills they need in dealing with their visual impairments.

    Pioneer School is based in Worcester- Western Cape.

  • Saint Giles

    Poverty Alleviation

    Project focus- Employment of people with disabilities and rehabilitative gym.

    Saint Giles employs over 80% of disabled people. They have contracts with different companies including Unilever. They pack spices and other products. They also have a rehabilitative gym which helps assist local people in and around the Durban Area.

    Saint Giles is based in Durban - KZN.

  • CMR- Middleburg

    Quality Education / Poverty Alleviation

    Project focus – housing and assisting vulnerable children with shelter and education

    This project houses over 40 vulnerable children and assists them with education. abandoned and displaced kids are housed and given hope and family life.

    CMR - Middleburg is based in Middleburg/ Mpumalanga

The wish of the Fidelity Foundation is to be visible across the whole South Africa as the Group Footprint.

Contact email:

Contact number: 011-7639000

PBO number: 930046973

Department of Social Dev Reg number: 133-125 NPO

NPC Reg Number: 2013/059323/08