Your driving companion

Fidelity SecureDrive gives you a safer, smarter and more connected fleet experience.

Fidelity SecureDrive, the latest offering from Fidelity Security, is set to cause waves in the vehicle tracking and telematics market – a move that makes perfect sense for the country’s leaders in home security. The partnership between Fidelity and global technology company Amber Connect combines world-class technology with a massive local South African footprint, along with offering high-tech devices that place an emphasis on insurance telematics, smart fleet management and data insights.

With SecureDrive as your driving companion you can get access to:

  • Live tracking

    Real-time tracking with live speed, journey distance, time, and fuel gauge. Switch between map and satellite view, share location via web links or view trips

  • Route compliance and optimisation

    Create, save, and manage routes, including stops and allocated parking periods.You can assign routes to any vehicle and receive real-time deviation alerts, detailing arrival and departure at scheduled stops

  • Theft prevention

    Fidelity SecureDrive also includes a unique tamper-proof feature called Amber Shield, which uses artificial intelligence to detect any threats to your vehicle, and immediately sounds an in-app alarm, alerting the Fleet Manager

  • Polygon geo-fencing

    Create, assign, and save multiple geo-fences to any vehicle or fleet, and receive real-time deviation alerts.

  • Real-time alerts

    A range of real-time alerts are built into your application, including critical alerts such as collisions and towing; anti-theft alerts, and safety alerts such as fatigue, idle-timing, and door safety

  • Management mechanism

    Assign hierarchical user access using a drag and drop mechanism and track all login sessions to ensure compliance

  • Trip history

    Detailed logs of all your trips with playback and trip breadcrumbing, providing data points of trip time and speed to the second

  • Driver management

    Create and save driver profiles, assign drivers to vehicles, and receive reports of driver behaviour and vehicle performance

  • Bird’s eye view

    View vehicles by group filters, subgroups or even by which vehicles are moving and which are parked.You can also export real-time location information in Excel or PDF

  • Service and document reminders

    Schedule and manage service reminders and recall service history by date and time.You can also activate email and in-app notifications to remind you to renew documents

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